Secure Music Education For All

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Give the gift of music

We are fundraising to bring outstanding music education to students of all backgrounds.

  • Your donation facilitates the highest caliber of music education, with graduates at schools such as The Juilliard School, Yale, and every Utah University.
  • Your donation enables Gifted Music School to give 700+ music lessons per month to 450+ students, many of whom are living in economic hardship or in need of financial aid.
  • Your donation sustains three core programs at Gifted Music School:
    • The full-scholarship Project GRIT public school outreach program at 3 Title 1 Schools
    • The Conservatory, for the most serious students
    • Private lessons from world class faculty through the Preparatory Division
  • Your donation empowers our faculty in continuing to develop innovative and meaningful ways to connect with their students.
  • Your donation equips the staff at Gifted Music School to continue facilitating these opportunities.
  • Your donation offers outstanding classical music education to children of all backgrounds, increasing literacy and academic achievement while enhancing all other facets of life, especially during uncertain times.
  • Tuition covers only one-third of our operating expenses.

Spread the word! Please tell your friends and family about the meaningful work we are doing at the school. We invite you to see the creativity of our students and teachers.

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You are an integral thread in our story, and we could not tell it without you! THANK YOU!