Play it Forward! Help Make Music Education Accessible for All

Double your impact! Donations up to $25,000 will be matched through December 31, 2018!

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Double your impact! Donations up to $25,000 will be matched through December 31, 2018!

Help bring world-class music programs to kids of all backgrounds

  • Over 180 out of 500 students at Gifted Music School study on scholarship, and tuition covers only 1/3 our operating costs. Why? Because we believe music lessons shouldn't only be for the wealthy. Every child deserves music!

Tyson G. was born at only 24 weeks, a tiny preemie. When Hurricane Katrina hit, he was in the NICU at New Orleans Children's Hospital. He had to be evacuated under extremely dangerous circumstances. During his journey out of the city, he was separated from his parents and even shot at by terrified citizens who were desperate to get out of the city, even if it meant hijacking an ambulance. Yes - it's a shocking, dramatic story. But Tyson fought for his life, and he won! - though today he continues to live with severe health challenges.

Tyson is a full scholarship student at Gifted Music School. He started taking piano lessons with GMS faculty six years ago. He's lost both his eyes, but he's become a stellar pianist, capable of improvising music on the spot. No one can resist his charming playing! Recently, he even had the chance to play with Andrea Bocelli backstage during a concert. Making music is a daily, vital part of Tyson's life -- it's something he can't imagine living without. And because of visionary donors like you, he doesn't have to!

Alessandro is another example of a student who will benefit from your gift. He immigrated to Utah from El Salvador when he was four years old. His parents were seeking a life free from poverty - one where their children could become whatever they chose. When he was six, Alessandro started taking violin and musicianship lessons through Gifted Music School's Project GRIT, tuition-free. Four years later, he's still playing the violin. He says, "I love to sing and play the violin because it makes me feel so happy. I know how to work hard so I can play the hardest songs." Through Gifted Music School's programs, he's now had four years of world-class music instruction. His dreams for his future are bright.

Before the end of the year, please donate to help bring music to many more kids like Tyson and Alessandro. Your gift helps us attract and retain excellent faculty, keep tuition low, and offer as many scholarships as possible - especially to those in need.

Did You Know...

  • In 2017, Gifted Music School was honored by Governor Herbert as well as Mayor Biskupski for our impact on the community.
  • Gifted Music School graduates have gained acceptance to Juilliard, Curtis, Colburn, Stanford, Columbia, multiple other premier Conservatories, and all Utah Universities.
  • Gifted Music School students have soloed with the Utah Symphony over 30 times in the last 9 years.
  • Gifted Music School graduates have a 100% college acceptance rate.

THANK YOU for helping bring world-class music education to children of all backgrounds. We absolutely cannot do it without you.